Gifts for People who Travel

People who travel and are constantly on the move are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for … whether it be birthday, anniversary, Christmas or even a Bon Voyage gift! Reason being, of course, that they often don’t have a static base and so don’t have anywhere to put or keep the gift you have bought!
I have had this problem for years as my son works on a Cruise ship, so although he does have breaks where he goes “home” … home is a couch at a friends or a spare bed at his sisters! So anything that he can’t carry with him, either gets stored for one day or possibly(sigh) gets dumped. He therefore doesn’t get to utilise or enjoy any of the gifts he has been bought! I am aware that some items I have bought him have never been seen again! lol
They are therefore going to have to store items in a storage locker or garage or perhaps in a box at a family members home until they get to use or even look at them one day when the travel bug has left them!
I am, therefore, constantly on the lookout for items that are useful, small enough for a back pack or absolutely an essential item or, at least, a wanted part of a travelling body’s equipment or memory making kit! The recent Christmas buying saga has steered me on this mission ….
Because one day, when they stop moving and settle down and grow old and grey ….. they will love looking over those old memories whether they be photos, bit and bobs that were collected along the way or any item that will stir the memories of wonderful views, exciting and/or silly or dangerous adventures, hiccups and things that went wrong that they can now laugh at and amazing people they have met along the way!
And even in this digital age, where we can store almost anything on a memory stick or hard drive or in the cloud, there are some physical items you just want to be able to hold on to and look at again …one day! We have a small space we call home as we are not yet able to travel full time, but there is already not enough space to display our pics and bits and bobs eg interesting stones, shells etc! So we have a storage shed with memory boxes! And a few other things …..

So I went searching and came up with a few items that I think are perfect for that person that you can never find the right gift for because the are wandering the globe most of the time.

Go take a look at ….. THE TRAVEL GIFT SHOP … and see what you can find that fits the purpose.

This shop is live but still a work in progress ……. more interesting items will be added regularly … Keep watching! 

NB These shop links are associated with Affiliates. Please utilise these links when you are buying your gifts or travel items.  You will still get your purchases at the normal price, so it does not cost you a penny but then we earn a little commission! We thank you in anticipation for your support! 


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