We hit the road on the packed PC800 from the overnight ferry at Le Havre at 8.30 on Monday morning 18th June and started the journey to the Pyrenees. We’d had a number of email conversations with our HelpX host and we were looking forward to getting there. She sounded lovely and her place sounded amazing … the Pyrenees had been on our travel list since September 2017.

We, unfortunately, didn’t have time to really wander around the places we drove through and take time to explore on the way. This is what we usually do. But we had some awesome views along the route and a couple of “oops, we took the wrong turn” moments which produced some interesting sites, some great bike riding roads and photo opportunities! Like the wonderful old windmill we found on a detour we were forced onto by a road closure.

It was a wonderful road for motorcycling too. We have found that the D roads in France are awesome for motorcycle riding as long as the surface is in good nick…. you do sometimes have to watch out for the loose gravel! This particular road gave us an awesome ride for a good few miles and made the ride more enjoyable and seem less like a race to the finish line.

We stopped at about 8.30pm, due to the expected numb bum syndrome, in a great little place near Limoges just for an overnighter. Airbnb to the rescue again.


We had been travelling without using toll roads as we always do because usually, on toll roads … all you see are cars. We do enjoy the scenery and driving roads with less traffic. On Tuesday morning we decided to change that and take the fastest route as we were behind on our planned schedule and still had about 4 – 5 hours travelling to get to our destination. Then there was still fuel and coffee stops to fit in.

We left the Airbnb and found our way to the A20 again on a lovely winding D road which took us through some wonderfully picturesque French villages with stunning scenery. Of course, I do get to enjoy the scenery while we’re riding much more than Rich does … he definitely has to keep his concentration of the winding roads and keeping us upright! Lol


Then it was heads down, twist the wrist and get to our destination with no further ado! Although I must say, our first view of the mountains in the distance very nearly caused another stop! The anticipation to get there after that was hugely increased, so on we went.

Arriving at Foix! What a wonderful little town, with a magnificent castle which totally grabs your attention as you pass through … mental note to spend a day there in the near future!

After winding through a few further hamlets and having to phone our perspective host a couple of times to check we were still on track… It really did look like we were going to be lost forever in the twisting and turning mountain roads with very few decipherable signs … we arrived …  in Paradise!


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