Well, as digital nomads, we all know how important it is to have internet access in order to stay online and in touch with the world while on the road. Whether it be to have a FaceTime chat with your family, a catch up with a friend or to keep in contact with your social media following or run anyone of your resources that fund your lifestyle … one of the most important requirements we all need is INTERNET ACCESS!

When we travel we always try to book into accommodation that has good free WiFi access and I have to say we have not had many places where we have to hang out the window or climb the nearest tall tree in order to simply get a signal! But … sometimes that does happen and when we go off travelling on our Motorbike in Europe we often camp in wild and obscure places so we have to carry our WiFi and mobile signal with us.
To do this … we have a contract with network Three back home in the UK. Their coverage is excellent in the UK and in Europe which is our main stomping ground at the moment. The mobile internet plans that they have on offer whether you are on contract or PAYG are fantastic, specifically the unlimited data SIM as well as their GO ROAM deal.


The GO ROAM deal allows you to use a specific amount of gigs out of your data allowance on your package in 71 countries around the world … AT NO EXTRA COST! Yep, you read that right your internet use comes out of your contract or SIM plan allowance without costing you an extra penny. Most of these countries are in Europe but they are expanding this list all the time and other places Like Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Indonesia are now also on the list! Plus … you get additional awards if you fly with Easy Jet.
NB: Please note that the usage allowed on the Go Roam Plan does have some restrictions depending on where in the world you are travelling, so check up on that here and keep on top of your usage while abroad to prevent any disastrous surprises on your bill if you are on a monthly contract.
But nevertheless 12G or 19G depending on the country is not to be sniffed at when you can get an unlimited data SIM at only £22 per month!


Yep! Another great deal is their Unlimited Data SIM at only £22 a month. An amazing deal that gives you unlimited calls, unlimited texts and unlimited data in the UK and then you can “phone home” (ie. back to the UK) just like ET, from abroad at no extra cost because the call will again come out of your unlimited call allowance when you phone from these partnered countries. Again, check the list to make sure of your allowed countries before you travel! And again … check the no extra cost data restrictions when out of the country!

We have had great service from Three with little or no pain and any small hiccup is very efficiently dealt with by their superb customer service team

Go take a look at the Three website and see what they can do for you.

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