I have looked at cash back sites before but never signed up, mainly because I didn’t really understand how they worked and always thought “it must be a con, I mean who is going to give you money just because you bought from them…right?” so never took the time to investigate further! Now, as much as I know you shouldn’t take anything at face value without checking … you should also never simply bypass something without checking too, because you could be missing a big opportunity!  Well, apparently, I have …. so time to rectify this now.

Some info so that you too don’t bypass such a good opportunity …  You do not pay anymore than you would if you bought direct from the company you were going to buy from anyway, but you get some cash back so that’s like getting a discount isn’t it? Except you get it in cash, paid into your account and they have hundreds of shops you can buy from. Your cash back % differs depending on which company you shop at and what product you buy but nevertheless, it is money for nothing really … just for making your online purchase through them!

So, as an example, if you are planning to buy something through …say … Amazon. All you do is join up through our TopCashBack link and then choose Amazon on their list of partners and proceed to do your purchasing as you normally would, and WooHoo you get some cash back once your purchase is confirmed and paid for!

You do, of course, have to join them first and become a member in order to get cash back ….

So one of the best UK cash back sites and the one we use is TopCashBack.

Check the small print because they also have a Plus Membership which will cost you £5, so check it out properly and make the choice of Classic account (free) or Plus (£5)

It’s totally free to join and when you buy through them online … they give you money back … paid into your PayPal account or your bank account. Choice is yours. You also have the choice to pay your money into the wallet to use to buy from other partners. Doing this will give a bonus as an additional percentage on top of your earned bucks, which translates into a little more to spend depending on which provider you choose to save your earnings with.

You will earn an extra £5 amazon voucher if you click through our link so go here to JOIN NOW!  … and enjoy some well deserved money back…

PS:  We earn a small referral fee if you join through our link, so if you feel so inclined please click through our links on our blogs as we are trying to make a living out of our blogs and recommendations of companies that we use and trust. It will be much appreciated.

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