Do you want to work online?

Do you have a strong desire to Travel and be location independent?

I know exactly how you feel! When we decided that we wanted to travel and be location independent, it seemed obvious that we would have to find a way to earn a living another way. At that time both Richard and myself were working full time jobs that required us to be in one place. This was very obviously contra-indicative to achieving said travelling desire!

So … we decided that we would follow the crowd and create a website, find something to sell online. Place a couple of ads and then that would be that … easy, right? Hahahaha … how wrong could we be!

Firstly, neither of us knew anything about the internet and today’s technology to say the least. I mean, we knew we would have stuff to learn … what we knew about building a website was minimal. So … We watched some videos, spoke to some people, had a look for something to sell.  Then we were seriously confused! We could not find anything to sell that seemed to fit with us.

Nothing seemed to fit into “our niche”. Haha … we didn’t even know we needed one of those at that stage!

Do you want to work online but don’t know where to start?


We didn’t understand the terminology, we knew nothing about Instagram (what was that?) I had a Facebook account but that was just to keep  in contact with family and friends and share personal stuff, wasn’t it?

Then we came across stuff like … Domain names; widgets; ROI; affiliates; SEO; keywords; html code; influencers; media kits etc etc … or Was there a difference? We were lost! We had no idea on how to do any of this stuff! Worst of all, we didn’t even understand the lingo! What on earth were they talking about?


So, back to the internet and more searching to try and decipher all of this … after all, this was about TRAVEL so we needed to be location independent … then one day as we both searching on our tablets, trying desperately to make sense of it all … we came across Nathan Buchan and Hannah Martin. They were called “Behind Closed Doors” in those days and were just starting their training course teaching how to use facebook ads to grow your audience and reach your target audience. (Haha … I sound like I know what I’m talking about now, don’t I?) Plus much much more.

Anyway, they were about to start a free webinar to talk about their course, showing you how to do all of this. We watched and found out how much we didn’t know! They were offering their course at a very reasonable cost and at that time we had some savings towards our venture so we figured we had nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain! We were investing in our future so we signed up.


We started with Nate & Hannah right at the beginning when they were called “Behind Closed Doors”. We learnt some stuff but we really didn’t have the time to throw at it, so kept going round in circles, thinking … it’s there … we will get to it all eventually. But we jumped from one thing to another, thinking we only really needed to learn the bits we were going to use, not everything that was on the course.

At this point, Rich decided that he would leave the online learning and website building to me. He has since concentrated on Instagram. This is actually great because it takes that bit away from me but we collaborate on everything. I have concentrated on the website and all the learning! Actually, I think he was a little sneaky lol. Instagram is less work hahaha

I have to admit I watched a lot … no I mean A LOT … of other webinars, all giving you specific bits of info about bits of the whole picture. In the meantime, I had Nate & Hannah’s course in the background and picked out lessons that I thought were what I specifically needed to fast track my website and earning potential. How naive I was! I really needed to just knuckle down and do the whole course from start to finish … then it all made sense!


Travel and be location independent



Anyway, fast forward to today … I got reminded about them and their course sitting largely unvisited on my laptop when they launched the new revised Wired Creatives course. I got the email and that got me started again. Having now done their new and very informative Wired Creatives Mastery course , I am a whole lot wiser and much more informed because … boy, have I learned a lot?!! … and …  I’m still learning every day because they keep us totally up to date on an ongoing basis. There is constantly new information and new guide lines and new algorithms (what are those – right?) to keep up with!

What exactly do they teach inside?

What do they teach inside? … Well, everything from an Introduction to what an online business and presence is through Branding, Audience, Social Media, Products, Marketing to Growth and Success.

Here is a little snippet of the topics covered in the Branding Module …

#1. Discovering your focus topic

#2. Why do people come to you?

#3. Brand Identity … it’s more than just a name.

#4. Your Brand’s a person too.

#5. Aesthetics and Design

#6. Lock in your Brand name ASAP

#7. Blog Builder

There is also a fantastic Resource Library, Walk Through’s or How To’s on the different social media platforms and WordPress and … ongoing Q & A sessions, where you get to ask what you personally need to know. These sessions are wonderful because again, someone out there is going to ask a question about something that has been bothering you! And instantly you have an answer and additional info that you need to be even more successful.

They also do smaller courses within the Mastery Course so you could do certain modules as a mini course on their own if you have specific learning needs or targets for your Brand, eg  How to Partner with Companies, which includes info on Affiliate marketing and how to use it start monetising your blog.

You might also be interested in reading these blogs to give you some idea on how this works and what I’ve learnt.



Nate (World Nate) & Hannah (intrepid introvert) are such a lovely down to earth couple and so approachable. Its really easy to relate to them and therefore to learn from them. Read about them and their courses HERE!

Are the tutorials easy to follow?

All their modules are available in video, text and MP3. The lessons are broken down into small sections at a time so are very easy to follow. You get a workbook to fill in at the end of every lesson. So you can plot your personal direction and choices from what they teach.

There are also downloads of the lessons so you always have those to refer back to at any time. Believe me, there is a lot of information and I find myself going back over those transcripts time and again. So great to be able to have that resource available.

Is Wired Creatives Worth The Investment?

Hell yes!! What I have learned has been worth every single penny! Plus .. it’s there for life so I can always refer back if I’ve forgotten something and … the Wired Creatives Community that you become a member of when you sign up to any one of their courses, is fantastic. There are often questions asked in the group that help you, sometimes with things you didn’t even realise you needed help with until reading the question and multitude of helpful answers.

Wired Creatives Review  … and a special offer!

I hope you have enjoyed this review. If you would like to TRAVEL AND BE LOCATION INDEPENDENT – take the Wired Creatives Mastery course and give yourself a better chance of succeeding in your online endeavors by learning how to build and expand your personal brand!!

Soooo … If Travel and being location independent is what you are looking for … Get started with Wired Creatives today and give yourself a chance to get it right! It is really well worth the time and effort and will definitely be monies well spent!


Don’t have the money right now? We totally know where you’re coming from so, as a special offer as ambassadors of Wired Creatives … from us to you. Here’s a link to get a 70% discount on a monthly subscription to the “How to build a meaningful Personal Brand” course.


Psst: Just to let you know that there is almost definitely some affiliate links in the above post. If you click through these links and purchase something, it won’t cost you anything extra but we may earn a little commission. Thank you for your support.


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