CYPRUS – Take a walk through History

CYPRUS –   HISTORY, MYTHOLOGY; GORGEOUS SUNSETS AND SO MUCH MORE … We generally travel to great tourist destinations outside of the high season, mainly due to budget restrictions. Flights can be really cheap around the edge of peak times, but

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Palermo, SICILY

Well, here we are … lying on sun loungers overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea on the North coast of Sicily. This is our first holiday of 2018 and it is a break away doing a hotel review before we head off


Well, after our Western Cape trip we came back to winter in the UK. What a shock to the system … brrrr. All we could think about was the warm sunshine we had left behind in South Africa and Richard

The Western Cape- South Africa

The Western Cape –South Africa When we decided on our first holiday together, it had to be to South Africa to cage dive with sharks! Richard has a love and fascination for sharks, great whites in particular, so from the