We are Richard and Jacqui Heitmann … we met only 3½ years ago. Surprised everyone and got married in September 2017 …

Hi, I’m Jacqui, a South African now living in the UK.

I guess I’m what you would call an entrepeneur. have had many careers over the years but mostly to do with nursing/caring, catering and sewing of some sort. I have wanted to travel for many many years. In fact, everyone I knew heard about how one day I was going to ride off into the sunset and live a life of freedom travelling the world and not have to wake up to an alarm clock and do mundane daily tasks until the day I die!

Haha … I must have driven them crazy when I got on my soapbox with my favourite subject!
I did try to talk myself into dealing with the solo travelling idea and I actually did go off on my own a couple of times. Had some good adventures too but then I just reverted back to the rut of work work work, (the comfort zone?) … because I really wanted someone special, a soulmate, to share the experiences with. An experience shared is pleasure doubled … isn’t it? But I had begun to think that I should accept that I was just not going to get that bit right.

And then in stepped Richard … my superhero! My soulmate!

I came home from a trip to South Africa visiting family at the end of January 2014 to find I had a new neighbour. I never saw much of him as he went to work early and came home late but a couple of weeks later, he walked past my door and introduced himself.

That was it for a while, we greeted each other as neighbours do. Then one day we were outside, as were a couple of other neighbours, and we started chatting. Summer was coming and as everyone does in England, we were chatting about sorting our outside space so that we could get into the sunshine and enjoy the all too short summer time. Between 3 of us who were singletons, we decided to create a communal area that we could share to enjoy some company in the long summer evenings and weekend BBQs.
Oh … probably need to explain … we live on a residential caravan site …hence the communal garden space!

In the end it was only Richard and I who spent most of that summer’s evenings together. We became very good friends and in a fairly short space of time things moved on from there! We are obviously a tad more than friends now! lol … I’ll let Rich take over now.

Hey everyone! My name is Richard

I am a motorbike mechanic from London.
I didn’t ever have any ambition or drive to travel or do anything out of the ordinary day to day stuff. Until I moved in next door to someone special. That all changed when I introduced myself to Jacqui. We became good friends, spending more and more time together. Well, long story short, we are now very happily married and have an insane love of travel after a couple of really good holidays.

We often talked about doing and seeing so much more but, as always, work got in the way until now. We decided to do something completely out of our comfort zone after these words from my gorgeous wife … “people survive, we will make a plan”! So, with that … full time employment – Seeeeeya!!

Now I can’t wait for all the people we are going to meet and the places we are going to see and all the bits in between. Maybe we will see you along the way … Come and say Hi!